Master Coding Skills

Code with confidence through hands-on coding mentoring.

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Ace System Design

Build distributed full-stack scalable applications.

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Courses Offered At Being Zero

Dynamic Programming

Bootcamp of 2 weeks covering 100+ coding interview questions through examples - practice - assessments.

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Cracking Coding Interviews

A 60-hours WEEKENDS hands-on DS and Algo training for Working Professionals targetting Product Companies Jobs.

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Java Application Development

Builds strong foundation of OOPS Concepts, Network Programming, Multi-Threading through real world case studies.

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Ace System Design Interviews

Master Distributed System Design Skills - Design Principles, REST APIs Design, Synchornization, Microservices Architecture.

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Competitive Programming

Contests test speed and accuracy. Want to see yourself in top 20% candidates in any programming contests? Learn tips and tricks to stand unique in crowd.

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Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web-Applications (Front-End, Back-End, Database, REST APIs, OAuth). Learn Mongo-Express-Angular-NodeJS with hands-on training at Being Zero.

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Creative Problem Solving

A 30 hours WEEK-DAY hands-on Data Structures and Algorithms training program desinged for students.

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ZERO - Powerful but Humble

Being Zero is an attitude to learn, be knowledgeable, be powerful but still staying down to earth and humble. In just 3 years, we've been successfully able to create many zeroes who could unleash their potential and are now working for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Service Now, CA Technologies, Teradata, Salesforce and many more high paying MNCs.

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What is so special about Being Zero?

A company built around a DREAM to revolutionize technical education.

Learning over Earning

Being Zero is a company built to focus on LEARNING more than EARNING. Small batch sizes ensure effectiveness.

Small Batches

Small batch sizes ensure that every candidate is paid attention to. We care for your success.

Answering Queries

Candidates feel empowered to ask questions, we believe no question is a stupid question.

24x7 Support

Getting timely help is key to succeed. Our WhatsApp and Facebook groups provide platoform for all time help.


We stick to the most effective model of learning. A model that makes you independent.


People come to being zero for a reason, stick around in every season and build a lifetime relationship for learning.