Welcome to Being Zero!

Being Zero is not just a company or website.  It’s a journey into the Amazing World of Creative Learning.  We are group of technocrats, who are working on vision of ‘Revolutionizing Technical Education by collaborating closely with Industry Professionals, Expert Professors, Corporate Trainers and Students who always seek for self improvement.

Our company works mainly on three fronts – Software Development, Corporate Training and A Social Initiative named ‘Programming Revolution’.  Through programming revolution – We’ve reached out to 3000+ students, 25+ Engineering Colleges, Collaborated with 40+ Experienced Faculty Members, to inspire students towards programming and helping them realize, We Can Do It!!

Our experience

Development 90%
Design 80%
Training 70%
Consulting 60%

Our services

Hands-On Software Development Training

We offer Hands-On Corporate Training and Classroom training – that are designed by analyzing thousands of real software systems, that we use in day to day life.  Each training is 20% Theory and 80% practical focused.  Case study covered are small, creative, and complex.  That provides participants all round growth of their skills.

Software Design and Development

We are working on development of innovative educational software solutions that complement our trainings and help us make them more effective.  Our solutions include – Online Compiler, Games that enhance creative thinking, Online meeting solutions, Quiz Based Learning Solutions.

Coding Workshops

We have expertise in conducting hands-on Coding Workshops and Bootcamps, where we help students build creative solutions to real life problems by utilizing the knowledge they gain in their academics.

Here’s what our Zero’s (students) feel about us

This is the platform I was looking for to revisit Data Structures, Algorithms and Problem Solving Skills. I feel privileged to be a part of it. Being Zero Mentor’s have helped me approaching solving problems in efficient way. Most importantly these guys are humble, passionate for what they do and always willing to learn and improve.

Chandar Prakash Sarathe
Pune (6+ Years Exp)

I find myself in a better position in coding. I have understood all taught topics thorougly.The teaching was phenomenal and it is very well planned course which will help any beginner to master data structures and algorithms. I could not do few exercises due to some personal commitments but I am confident that I can easily do them. The shortcuts explained in coding are very useful and if we thoroughly complete all exercises, it would be easy to crack a good job.

Student JNTUH

It is all about being zero. Be simple and open to learn always. This course has been a life changer for me. This course has given me a new perspective towards programming. A new way to look at ‘if’ ‘else’ ‘for’ and function blocks as not just language constructs but some great tools to design brilliant creative algorithms that solve problems creatively. I am really amazed by the quality of the content and the knowledge of the instructors. The way the course is led made me realize that this is not just another programming course but an appreciation of the greatness of the human brain to think out of the box. I am one of those proud guys to be and being zero.

Sundara Raghavan
Chennai (12+ Years Exp)

It was an amazing learning experience. All the coding concepts were brushed up thoroughly. I am now able to come up with the solutions of problems faster. I am also able to convert my idea into code much faster than before. You are doing great. It is very effective & useful training.. Thank you..

Mohana Chintalapati
Placed in Cigital

It was a good learning technical topics in a creative and innovative way. Apart from Technical topics I learnt more as a person. Hats off for your thought of quitting your jobs and coming out as a team for guiding students in their career. This training helped me to focus more on what I want to be in life. Thanks for your inspiration.

Keerthi Arava
Placed in IBM

It was good.I was not at all confident in data structures and now I feel like I can code.  It really didn’t expect that an online course can be so comfortable. Thank you sir for making me feel comfortable while coding and it was really the best online course I attended till now.  Asking doubts, listening to classes and having a youtube Playlist was the best part of the course.  That helped me a lot.  Thank you.

Sriharika Devarakonda
Student CBIT

Before joining the course I was tensed because the workshop is focused at coding in C. I felt java would be simple language to code with coz it does not have pointers. But, after completion of the course I feel very comfortable coding in C. Memory concept in C was explained really well.

Student CBIT

I find myself comfortable with programming in optimal way , initially i used to code but not such efficiently and optimally.  I used give try and if i succeed i would enjoy and if i fail i would not put much effort to find the bugs because i cant find my code as myself readable , but now i can clearly solve the bugs. I got more ways and approaches to solve coding problems. I got to find the complexity of my codes clearly and i loved this journey really very much but i could not put more of my extra efforts and time in it due to my busy with some other preparations but really want to thank sandeep sir for your wonderful teaching.

Ushadeep P
Student CBIT

Overall,its a very good experience.  I have enough confidence now to solve any coding problem. I feel like, its a good platform to everyone.   Coming to sir, it requires lot of guts to come out of Microsoft and teaching this.  Thank you so much for everything.  You have a very good voice, which makes online learning more effective.

Sai Sreenath
Placed in Wells Fargo

Before beginning the course, i had decent knowledge about the concepts of the language and could solve some problems. But when i tried to solve higher level problems, i would get stuck and couldn’t arrive at a solution.  Being Zero helped me to get the direction of programming. With my knowledge and this help, I’m able to solve a decent level of questions.
This course not only increased my programming skills but also my confidence. The pattern this course has is too good. Time is used effectively. It is interactive and hands-on.

Nikitha Reddy T
Placed in Wells Fargo

It is a pretty good course.  I liked the style of teaching, however I attended it online and missed couple of classes because of pega course at college, But uploading of class videos was great help to catch up missed classes. I really liked the MENTORPICK site concept and I’m sure it would be a great success in future.  Overall it is a great training course.

Ranjit Tanuku
Placed in Microsoft GD

After attending Being Zero’s training I feel really Confident.. Now I am able to try and solve many coding problems on my own. Thanks a lot.

Vanitha Shetty
Placed in Microsoft GD

A perfectly planned training.  After the training I made myself strong in the areas of linked lists, BST, AVL trees etc….This training was very useful and helped me a lot in my preparation for coding interviews.

Sahithi Khandavalli
Placed in Microsoft GD

I am glad to be among the first student batch to attend the Data Structure course. It helped me learn the real way to code in a homely environment. Being zero not only taught us the subject but also created the self confidence that every student ought to have. Motivation I received was one of the reason for my success during the placements. Thank you for everything ‘BeingZero’.

Kavya Kishan
Placed in Model N

I am the faculty member in IFHE, FST.  I am really impressed the way your content was laid out for Programming Workshop as well as Faculty Development Program.  We never felt bored and our brain was constantly kept engaged by the puzzles, interesting conversations and meaningful brainstorming.  As a faculty member I would like to congratulate you for your Teaching, Co-ordination, Subject knowledge.

Prof. K. Vara Prasad
Assistant Professor - IFHE

Wonderful experience of learning and creating something as part of Faculty Development Program by Being Zero. Things were made simpler. Participant engagement was perfect. Lots of techniques, resources to make our courses more interesting and improve delivery excellence.

Prof. V S Murthy
Associate Professor - IFHE

Being Zero is an ultimate platform to have practical knowledge in programming languages. One thing that caused positiveness by attending Data Structures course is the way we are taught in the class, we are made to code on our own and any small doubt raised in the course is explained in detail that helped a lot in understanding the languages in detail which helped a lot during my placements.

Prakya Sri
Placed in JPMC

We have a very friendly environment where we learn a lot and can raise any sort of doubts. We learn many new things and that too in a simpler way, and the hands-on practice makes it even more easier for us to remember the concepts that we learn. The concepts that i learnt have helped me a lot to clear the technical rounds in my interviews.

Nikhila Reddy
Placed in TCS

It really changed my life and way of thinking. Fear of mine like whether I am capable of doing software job or not was gone. It built a bridge between my academics and practical experience. I used to make few talks with many of my cousins in software field but no one was able to fill the gap between the both academics and practical experience, they used to say like there will be no use of all the subjects that we learn in our college and what we study is completely different from what we work. And all my doubts were clarified. Now i can suggest all of my juniors even a little bit. From the bottom of my heart I can say that, what I am now is because of being zero and only because of being zero.

Sourabh Reddy
Placed in Model N

I am very delighted to be a part of BEING ZERO. It is best platform which elevates the individual performance. I learnt to workout more on real-time applications of data structures (by using concepts from lower level basics) which provided me the ease and enjoyment of coding.

Sainath Dyapa
Placed in Portware