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Sandeep Kumar


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Sandeep has 9.5+ years of software industry experience of working with Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad. During his stay @ Microsoft, he worked as Senior SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) as part of Windows Core Team, Virtualization Team, Search Engine (Bing) and Windows Phone Team.
He is passionate towards revolutionizing the way we learn and apply technology to solve real world problems.

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Ashutosh Akhouri


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Ashutosh is also a ex-Microsoft employee with 9.5+ years of experience with Microsoft India Development Center.  He has worked as part of Remote Desktop Team, Windows Azure Team, SCVMM and has extensive experience in programming, development and architecture.

Along with following heading Development efforts at Being Zero, he is also following his passion towards developing a high-tech agriculture farm with a group of technocrats.

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We are always in search of ZEROs

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Our product line requires people with web designing skills to give an appealing look to our products.  People with Zero Attitude and exceptional skills in AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap are most welcome to share their resume or have a word with us.

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Desired Skills:

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[dt_list_item image=””]A Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science/IT[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Hand-On programming knowledge.[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Strong OOPS fundamentals[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=””]Passion to word in fast changing environment with a group of smart people.[/dt_list_item]


Building Web API with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.

Candidate should have 3 years of development experience in these technologies.

RESTful API Developer would be responsible for designing the APIs, deploying to the cloud servers and making sure that they have smoother access to all frontend applications – Mobile, Web and Desktop.  This also requires developers to have hands-on experience in integrating AUTH for RestFul api using both third party as well as custom authentication mechanish.

Candidate must have knowledge of building Android Applications from scratch – both using native APIs of Android SDK as well us using Frameworks like – Xamarin, PhoneGap etc.

Candidates with thorough knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts and their application to real world software systems.  As a developer you are expected to come up with Class Design, Class Diagram, Expose Interfaces (Abstraction) for other developers and work with a team collaboratively.

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Send us your CV!

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