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  Motivation Problem There are two issues that you would have faced till now in doing Selenium Development In Parallel Development, managing the dependency on Selenium JARs is a pain.  Either we’ve to commit them into GITHUB or need to share them in a standard path. For every new selenium project in Eclipse, Download and […]

Selenium – Switching Frames

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Let’s take a different approach this time to learn switching commands.  We’ll begin with a small exercise Create a new Java Class in Eclipse Create WebDriver object Go to following page JQueryUI – AutoComplete Inside tags textbox show on the page, try to type in text ‘Test’ Once you’ve written the code and ran it. […]

Selenium – Switching Windows

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Why Learn Switching Windows using Selenium? You may come across certain automation scenarios that involve any of the following  An action on website causes a new browser tab to be launched.  Website shows some popups which may require some action.  An action on website causes new browser window to be launched. And sometimes we ourselves […]

Priority Queue (heap)

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Most of people would say, Heap data structures is learnt mainly for heapsort.  They ignore an important point about Heap and it’s enormous set of practical applications.  Let’s take a look at following scenario. We book an OLA cab at 7:00 PM using Mobile Application for Airport Drop @ 4:00 AM next morning. OLA informs that […]

Selenium with Javascript

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Why Selenium with JavaScript? Recently Javascript, NodeJS has gained a real fast-paced momentum.  We hear about lot of JS frameworks getting popular and dominating existing languages and frameworks.  To name a few popular JS Frameworks NodeJS AngularJS ReactJS BackboneJS KnockoutJS and many more… Reason that Javascript is becoming language of choice is because it makes Web […]

Selenium C# – Interview Questions

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1. What is the difference between “/” and “//” in Xpath? Single Slash “/” – Single slash is used to create Xpath with absolute path i.e. the xpath would be created to start selection from the document node/start node. Double Slash “//” – Double slash is used to create Xpath with relative path i.e. the […]

Running Chrome Browser using Selenium and C#

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Once Visual Studio has been installed.  Let’s Create out first Selenium Project and get our hands dirty with some coding. Step 1:  Click New Project on left sidebar of Visual Studio Step 2:  Choose from Project Templates as Visual C#  and Project Type as Console Application Step 3:  Enter Name of project and click Ok.  In below […]

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

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If you are reading this, We bet you would have been part of one or more group talks where someone starts conversation by saying “We should use Jenkins for Continuous Integration”.  If someone dares to ask that gentleman – “Why?”;  he is bombarded back with heavy words like Build Server, Automated Build Deployment and Commits, Build Breaks and many […]