Our mission

Revolutionize Engineering Education and Technical Trainings by collaborating closely with Faculty members and Industry professionals to blend ‘Teaching Expertise’ with ‘Industry Experience’ to create innovative learning solutions and software..

Core values

  • Honesty and Transparency.

  • Clarity and Commitment.

  • Passion towards learning, building and sharing.

  • Self critical and questioning.

  • Always up for self improvement.

Our experience

Software Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Corporate Training - 3 years
Testing and Consulting - 2 years

What we are good at

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Etiam facilisis eu nisi scelerisque faucibus. Proin semper suscipit magna, nec imperdiet lacus semper.

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At Being Zero, we believe in the philosophy of learn-by-doing approach.  We carefully design exercises that helps candidates apply the learning they acquire in training.

Our case studies are picked from real world software that takes candidate’s thinking to next level where he realizes that even complex software systems are built of fundamental concepts that are mixed together with prudence.

We emphasize on finding as many solutions to a problem as possible and then convert the best thought solution to code.  This enhances creative thinking and makes us ready to deal with bigger challenges with ease.

While focusing to acquire a skill we constantly look forward to the next levels of skills.  Programming is complemented with interview questions, certification readiness. Development is complemented with presentation skills, design and review skills.

Our solutions emphasize on the concept of collaborative learning.  Participants are not competitors, they are collaborators.  This enables us utilize the unique skills of each other to come up with the best possible solution.  Interactivity is highly encouraged in all our sessions.

We foster the culture of Being Zero.  Because zero is a powerful number that has unique capability of making anything zero (A x 0 = 0), pushing anything to infinity (A / 0 = infinity) and generating one (A power 0 = 1) the other stakeholder of computers binary number system.  Still it represents humbleness and says I am nobody, I am nothing.  We strive to spread the philosophy of being powerful but staying humble.

Some of our clients

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